Quality, health, safety & environment

QHSE & Sustainability Policy

Scanel will ensure that all services and parts delivered within an agreed time frame and with a professional attention, meet the customers' expectations for quality of the services provided, all with due consideration of QHSE.

We want our parts and service to be of first-class workmanship, so that customers always associate Scanel with quality, sustainability, good design, and reliability and so that our parts and services live up to the promises stated in our quotations. 

In our operations we focus on efficient use of resources and energy, we strive for protecting the environment by reducing adverse impact from our operations and products during their lifetime. We work on reducing the environmental impact from the daily operation of our machines and transport, by focusing on energy performance in all solutions, sorting waste supporting recyclable materials to a meaningful extent, and being committed to the sustainable development goals.

In relation to contract work, projects will be developed according to the QHSE guidelines that apply to ISO9001/ISO14001 and ISO45001 and according to the customer’s additional requirements, if any.

Scanel is certified in ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001, and in compliance with all applicable rules in these standards, as well as monitoring and following Danish law and regulations. All data is handled and archived in Scanel internal controlled systems.

It is furthermore part of Scanel’s values and procedures to constantly look for possible improvements and implement these internally and services to the extent possible, as well as being proactive in aspects in relation to minimizing the QHSE risks.

By integrating QHSE into the business strategy and processes, Scanel ensures that the company and the services are in compliance, with all legal requirements and regulations. Scanel will always strive to fulfil the customers’ requirements and expectations.

At all stages of the process, our QHSE management system will prevent deviations from the agreed customer specifications and ensure that customers are satisfied with parts and services from Scanel.

Scanel have an competent HSE employee organization, that ensures and maintain a healthy working environment. We care for each employee’s physical, mental, social well-being and we are committed to providing safe working conditions in a working environment with diversity in language and culture, organized to ensure that our suppliers work respectfully according to the same principles.

We make sure that all employees are kept up to date, with their skills and familiar with the company’s QHSE management system, by providing continuously information, education and training.


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