Breaker test and service

Breaker test

Scanel knows the importance of ensuring a safe and reliable performance of circuit breakers in the power asset chain. Circuit breakers perform a vital role in protecting expensive equipment from damage through faults i.e. connecting and disconnecting the electrical power in a reliable way. Testing the performance of circuit breakers regularly is therefore an essential and cost-effective way in the preventative maintenance and to avoid break down and possible off-hire periods.

Scanel provides skilled service engineers to carry out circuit breaker test as recommend by the suppliers every 3-5 years. We perform the test no matter which supplier of breaker such as Schneider, ABB, Terasaki, Siemens, Mitsubishi etc.

After completion of a breaker test a test report is handed over to the customer for their records and for Classification Society or other Authorities, if required.

The following can be included in the breaker test and after mutual agreement with the customer:

Check of all function in the breaker, check of coils for closing, opening and under voltage, Check of overload and short circuit protection, check of mechanical parts, cleaning of breaker, lubricating the mechanical parts.

Additional to the breaker test, a megger test of connected cables can be done.

Breaker service – replacement and new breakers.

Are your circuit breaker beyond repair or obsolete Scanel offers our assistance to replace the breaker with a new. Replacement of a breaker can be carried out either with a breaker of the same supplier or it can be replaced with another breaker supplier. It all depends on price and timeframe available for the replacement which option is best for our customer.

Our skilled service engineers are off course also able to make the necessary modification of busbars, if required.

Installation of a new and extra circuit breaker in the main switchboard, distribution panels of starter panels is another service Scanel provides to our customer. Our service concerns work with both fixed and draw-out breakers.

Building in an extra circuit breaker in i.e. a main switchboard might have an effect on the short-circuit level on the switchboard. Hence Scanel are able to assist our customer with short-circuit and load calculation in order to avoid any mistakes.  

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