Thermography – a perfect tool

Scanel International A/S is ITC-certified (Infrared Training Center) to guarantee that our technicians are familiar with the qualitative requirements which must be met  to present a diagnosis based on an analysis of infrared photographs. We offer and execute thermography for preventative maintenance purposes.

Thermography can be used to trace faults before shutdown occurs for example in machines, production plants or electrical terminal boards.
Furthermore, infrared photography can be used to pinpoint inadequate insulation in ceilings/structures and on pipes.

We possess considerable experience with “hot spot” thermography in engine rooms. According to SOLAS Chapter II-2 Reg. 15.2.10 and 15.2.12, it is required that surfaces reaching a temperature in excess of 220º C must be insulated. By conducting a thermographic inspection of engines, boilers, exhaust systems etc., it is possible to identify areas with inadequate insulation.

Examples of our thermography services:

  • Switchboards and terminal boards
  • Electric motors
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Process machinery
  • Electrical connections in general
  • Insulated pipe systems (heating, exhaust, steam, thermal oil, electric heating etc.)


Preventive survey and maintenance is essential in order to ensure that the installation is operative and in safe order.

For this purpose, we have our staff technicians who are certified to perform thermographic surveys and inspections of the technical installations onboard e.a electrical switchboards,
electrical motors, generators, transformers, air- water- steam and exhaust pipings.

Preventive measures by executing an inspection will minimize downtime as faults will be discovered in due time.


Our highly trained engineers and technicians have vast experience in advising our customers when it comes to installing, repairing, modifying and commissioning electrical systems in the maritime and offshore industry.

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