Electrical solutions. Sustainable solutions. Upgrades. And a lot more. At Scanel, we assist you throughout every aspect of the electrical installation process.


Power through knowledge

Vessels, drilling rigs, and other offshore projects – we specialize in delivering first-class electrical service and repair solutions tailored specifically for the maritime industry. With over 30 years of experience, we have earned a reputation for excellence, reliability, and technical expertise. Whether you operate ferries, cargo ships, tankers, offshore rigs, or wind vessels, we are your trusted partner for all your electrical needs.

Why Choose Scanel?

  • Extensive experience in the maritime industry
  • Expertise in energy optimization, turnkey solutions, and system integration
  • Global service reach with a commitment to excellence
  • Skilled team of engineers and technicians
  • Proven track record of delivering successful projects
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships

Quality and dedication

Our numerous projects in the marine industry have taught us the importance of safety. Therefore, all our qualified technicians are dedicated to inspecting, maintaining, and repairing Eex components and installations.

We also hold the certifications of IECEx COC, certified by NEMKO, to carry out service, maintenance, and repairs of Eex (d) and Eex (e) electrical motors.

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Energy optimization is crucial in today’s maritime sector, where fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability are paramount. At Scanel, we offer cutting-edge energy optimization solutions to help you reduce your vessel’s carbon footprint and operating costs. Our team of skilled engineers can analyze your electrical systems, identify areas of improvement, and implement strategies to optimize energy consumption without compromising performance.

From minor repairs to major electrical installations, we have the expertise to handle all projects on board your vessel. We take pride in offering turnkey solutions, ensuring that every aspect of your electrical project is seamlessly managed from start to finish. Our comprehensive services include design, engineering, procurement, installation, and commissioning, providing a hassle-free experience and peace of mind.

Efficient and reliable electrical systems are vital for the smooth operation of maritime vessels. We specialize in system integration and automation, ensuring all electrical components work seamlessly together. Through our expertise in integrating various systems, including power distribution, control systems, communication networks, and navigation equipment, we optimize functionality, enhance safety, and improve overall operational efficiency.

We have successfully completed projects in diverse locations, including Europe, Asia, the Americas, and beyond. Our experienced technicians and engineers are ready to travel to your vessel’s location, providing prompt and reliable service to keep your operations running smoothly.

From electrical engineering to service and repair

You may know what you want, but you may not know the right solution. Luckily, our competent electrical engineers and project leaders will guide and advise you in finding your custom-made solution.

Our talented and dedicated technicians bring everything together, turning your project into reality.

If you encounter maintenance issues, we are also there to help. By partnering with us, you save resources as we handle the maintenance, service, and repair of existing installations.

  • Design – Engineering

  • Project management and supervision

  • Installation, maintenance, and service
  • Power, control, and alarm systems
  • Thermography of technical installations
  • HVAC, general ventilation, and sprinkler systems
  • Heat, water, and sanitary systems
  • Electrical motor and generator, maintenance, service, and repair
  • Eex installation – maintenance, service, and repair
  • Eex (d) and (e) electrical motors, maintenance, service, and repair

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