This is Scanel

Proud history, great focus on the electrical solutions of the future. We create power through knowledge.

It all started as an adventure

In 1982, Ole Thue Hansen was an “ordinary” electrician like everyone else. However he got an interesting offer: to work offshore on oil and gas platforms in the Tyra field in the North Sea. By 1991, Ole Hansen had years of specialist experience working offshore on oil and gas platforms, on ships and as a travelling electrician and founds Scanel in Brovst.

In 2001, Palle Thordal Lavrsen joined the management as co-owner, which led to a rapid growth and positive development in our organisation.

In 2004,  Scanel relocates our headquarter and moves to Frederikshavn.

In 2016, Scanel International could celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Ole Thue Hansen has never said ‘no’ to any challenge and he simply took on the challenge of doing offshore electrical work to experience something new.

The value of not saying ‘no’ is still present and consistent throughout our entire organisation today.

Knowledge and power are key for our sustainable future

We believe that growth is necessary. We also believe it has to be sustainable growth, if we want our future generations to succeed.

As a provider, we believe that sustainable growth should be based on the integration of intelligent, CO2-reducing solutions, accompanied by a strong sense of accountability, trust, and flexibility.

At Scanel, we take that responsibility.

We embrace future generations through apprenticeship, education, and employment in what we consider a rewarding and purposeful working environment.

Partnerships and Networks

From apprentice to specialist

Our apprenticeship program holds great value for us. We take pride in having several apprentices at any given time, working across our electrical, electronic, and electromechanical departments.

Through this program, they receive specialized education and training to the highest standards. This provides them with a solid foundation for their future careers as well as we benefit from their expertise as potential future staff members.

We believe it is crucial for our company management to have hands-on experience and a deep understanding of the work involved. Some of our most experienced team members today began their journey as apprentices with us.

Also, we always encourage our apprentices to pursue further specialization, which can create value for both us and them.

Our vision

Our vision is to be recognized as an inevitable and reliable supplier on the international market within our field of business. We also seek to be recognized as a good and attractive workplace for all our employees.

Our mission

Through a long-term and good working relationship with our customers and business partners, we want to reassure that the job will be executed to the agreed terms, the agreed price and agreed time combined with high quality of craftsmanship.

Our values

Trust. Respect. Pride. Community. Fairness. A good workplace based on a culture of trust. Staff take pride in their work and are proud of their colleagues.